Overview. The Liebert Foundation MCR (Mini Computer Room) is an air conditioned cabinet with integrated UPS protection and cooling, designed to prevent. The Liebert MCR is engineered and meets Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) standards as a complete solution. There is no need to purchase. The Liebert MCR MCRU-RB is a self-contained rack enclosure system that includes a load-sized, computer-grade air conditioner located at the bottom of the .

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Standard lead time is weeks. Simplified plug-and-play installation reduces overall implementation time, reducing costs. High volume bids are welcome.

LiebertĀ® Foundation MCR 42U w/ Air Conditioning | Mainline Computer

Competitively priced as an integrated system, compared to purchasing separate components. Liebert will not assume labor or shipping charges to replace the Liebert product or any part or portion thereof. While Mainline Computer Products Inc. Server Rack Power View All. The Liebert Foundation MCR includes computer-grade high availability precision cooling plus an optional backup cooling module liebeet removes heat in the event of a power outage.

Liebert warrants for the period of this Warranty and on the terms as set forth herein that the Liebert product will conform to the descriptions contained in applicable certified drawings, if any, Liebert’s final invoices, and to applicable Liebert product brochures and manuals current as liebet the date of product shipment “Descriptions”. For the complete warranty terms and description, refer to the separate warranty statement at www. Improved cable access and management improves airflow to reduce overheating of protected IT equipment.

It’s just as easy to relocate as needs or room layouts change.


D Internal Mounting Rails: This Warranty is extended to the first person, liebdrt, association or corporation for whom the Liebert product specified herein is originally installed for use the “User” in the fifty United States or Canada.

All defective products and lkebert parts replaced under this warranty become the property of Liebert. Upsite AisleLok Modular Containment. Liebert does not control the use of any Liebert product.

Inside and outside air are isolated for maximum cleanliness. None With optional StartUp Service contact us: SinceLiebert has been engineering Air-conditioning for Computer Rooms. Standard manufacturer warranty still applies.

UPS System is ordered separately. Mainline assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content on the Site.

The Liebert Foundation MCR is a self-contained system ready to go right from the start with components that are specifically designed to work together. Optional liegert saver control saves money by allowing back-up cooling to operate as primary enclosure cooler.

Mainline Computer Products, I.T. Solutions since 1986

Start-up includes one site trip within the United States and Canada by a factory-trained serviceman after installation of the Foundation MCR and associated Heat Rejection options if included. Air Distribution Exclusive ECM conditioned air distribution duct ensures uniform air flow for multiple enclosures. A back-up cooling system ensures environmental security.

A backup cooling system ensures cooling security, and the system can be ordered with a Liebert rack-mount UPS, PDUs and other accessories. There is no need to purchase and install separate add-on components. Subject to the limitations herein, Liebert, at its option, will arrange for a Liebert service representative to furnish new or remanufactured parts or replace the Liebert product.

Accordingly, Liebert may utilize liebrrt parties in the performance of Warranty work, including repair luebert replacement hereunder, where, in Liebert’s opinion, such work can be performed in less time, with less expense, or in closer proximity to the Liebert product.


42U NEMA 12 Enclosure w/ Integrated Cooling & Backup Cooling, 1.6kW

If any part or portion of the Liebert product fails to conform to this Warranty within the Warranty period, Liebert, at its option, will furnish new or factory remanufactured components for replacement of that part or portion, or Liebert may furnish User with a replacement product.

Due to its internal heat element, the Mini Computer Room does not require an external condensation pump and water drainage tube. The shipment date will be determined only from the Liebert bill of lading. A unique solution for our industry For more information call or email: Server Racks View All.

Just position the unit and hook it up for installation. We take pride in our products lieberf are pleased that you have chosen them.

LiebertĀ® Foundation MCR 42U Complete with 2kVA UPS #FGIHDCCC0K | Mainline Computer

It fits through standard-sized doorways and is air-cooled so it can operate without access to chilled water. Items Not Covered By Warranty: Refer to separate warranty statements for details. Specially designed door gasket and sealed cable entrance ensure stable cooling environment.

Warranty terms may be modified only by a writing signed by a Liebert officer. CallExt. Please make sure to lieberg your airflow requirements, and power requirements correctly before ordering. Self-contained racks cannot be returned.