Hi everyone. If anybody can help me with this i really apreciate it. NTC is managed by ICONTEC (Colombian Institute of Technical. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Title: NTC , Author: CRAI-Biblioteca JGF, Name. Bogotá D.C.: ICONTEC. 7 – 38 p. NTC Documento en Estudio del Proyecto de Guía para la identificación de los peligros y la.

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The Journal of the Campus Research Director at Libre University, Cali, ENTRAMADOis a semiannual publication in which local and international researchers, teachers, and students express themselves through their intellectual production, arising from scientific or technological research, thus giving rise to articles of research, reflection, bibliographic reviews which 563 a rigorous research methodology with significant contributions to particular areas of knowledge, their thought in various disciplines, with articles selected by the editorial committee and duly reviewed by anonymous academic peers with a recognized track record double blind review.

It is classified as a multidisciplinary journal which covers multiple aspects related to social and human sciences, engineering, health sciences, agricultural science, and various fields of knowledge of a scientific nature.

ENTRAMADO accepts original, unpublished articles for their publication, namely, articles that have not been previously published in any other scientific journal either in printed or in electronic form.

Exempted from this rule are unpublished translations of articles written in foreign languages other than Spanish, provided that their content is deemed fundamental for an issue. At the time of submitting an article, the authors guarantee that their manuscripts are not in the process of being reviewed by any other academic journal.

The Iconrec Team may make use of plagiarism detection system and self-plagiarism crosscheck, turnitin, writecheck, copionic, plagium It is the responsibility of the authors to obtain the necessary permits for reproducing copyrighted material e. It is critical that authors state whether their articles are the outcome or development of ongoing or completed research – the source of all articles must be investigative in nature 1.

Authors are to provide, in the title, a reference to a footnote with the name of the project, dates of initiation and completion, and the names of the sponsoring entity and executing entity. The Editorial Committee will review the articles based on criteria of relevance and coherence and contribution to knowledge and will make a decision as to whether they are suitable for publication.

They will also be initially reviewed to ensure that they meet the requirements described in the Guidelines for Authors. In case they do not meet these guidelines, then the articles will be returned lcontec the authors for them to make the necessary adjustments.

After selection, the articles undergo a double-blind i. If an article is given a favorable and an unfavorable nct, it will be forwarded to a third reviewer whose opinion will be final. In that case, the Editorial Committee will be responsible for resolving any controversies that might arise regarding the reviews and determining which articles are published.

The decisions made by the Editorial Committee cannot be icoontec. The authors agree to make the formal adjustments suggested by the reviewers or the director of the journal. If an nttc is objected or rejected upon peer review, the peer-assessment results will be communicated to the relevant authors.

The authors are held accountable for their articles and, therefore, articles published in the journal do not reflect the principles or policies of either Libre University or the Editorial Committee.

For the CC licenses, the principle is creative freedom. This system is not opposed to authorship rights, but rather complements them. We are conscious of the importance of the rights of the author in our culture. Creative Commons provides a system which automates the search for “common” content or content under CC license. In that way, when a work is licensed, the creator establishes general conditions which are digitally incorporated into the work, in such a way that a search engine can identify them and chose the most appropriate one.


The list of authors should include only those persons who have contributed intellectually to the development of the article.

The declaration of authorship accurately reflects individual contributions to the work. The authors agree to take collective responsibility for the article presented and published. Entramado Journal declines any responsibility for any disputes regarding the authorship of the works published in the Journal. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to partially reproduce material text, tables, figures of other publications.

Permission must be sought from both the author and the publisher of the material. The Journal does not accept previously published material and will not consider for publication manuscripts that are simultaneously submitted to other journals, or redundant or duplicative publications, that is, articles that substantially superpose another already published one, whether printed or in electronic form. It is necessary to cite and include the references of these previous publications in the new manuscript.

NORMA ICONTEC NTC by Diego Alejo Burgos Jimenez on Prezi

Authors should be aware that not disclosing that material submitted for publication has been totally or partially published constitutes a serious breach of scientific ethics. Title in both Spanish and English.

It must provide a summary of the main idea of the manuscript in a simple manner and in an appropriate style. It must be no longer than 15 words. The title must provide a first footnote stating the nature of the article or basic information about the project or research work that gave rise to the article and sources of funding in no more than 50 words.

This section includes academic background, organization, job title, research group memberships, and e-mail for contact purposes.

Analytical abstract in both Spanish and English. The abstracts are not to exceed words in length. Summaries must be written in the third person. Abstracts should not contain references.

No abbreviations or equations are to be used. It provides the background, the purpose and the methodology of the btc work. It htc discusses the central theme of the article.

Rev. Lasallista Investig. – Instructions to authors

It includes a literature review that ifontec the research, where the results of studies that validate the relevance and necessity of the research are discussed. It presents and justifies the chosen methodology.

Then it iontec on to provide a detailed discussion of the methodology and presents the results of applying the methodology. Presents the main results of the application of the methodology in an understandable and necessary way to assess the validity of the research. It emphasizes the most important aspects of the article, but it is not a summary of the article. It focuses on recommendations and constraints and proposes future lines of research.

Footnotes will show only explanatory information. They will be numbered consecutively and will contain no graphics. This is material cited from another source. A short textual citation with fewer than 40 words is incorporated in the text lcontec enclosed in double quotes.

Citations longer than 40 words should be placed in a separate block ntx text, without quotes, with smaller font size. In any event, the author, the year, and the specific page of the text cited should be present, and the complete reference should be included in the list of references.

The quotes must be faithful; that is, there should be no modifications made to the text, icotec if words are misspelled. It should not be underlined or italicized, and in cases where the author wishes to add emphasis, he or she may italicize the text and then add the words “[italics added]” in brackets. The page number should be added only in cases 55613 textual citation including graphics and tables. Guidelines for presenting bibliographic references: If the author’s name is part of the narrative, only the year of publication of the article is included in parentheses.


When the date and surname are part of the sentence, they are not placed between parentheses. Works by multiple authors. When a work has two authors, both must be cited each time that the reference occurs in the text. When a work has three, four, or five authors, all the authors are cited the first time that the reference occurs in the text.

In subsequent citations of the same work, cite the surname of the first author followed by the phrase “et al. When a work has six or more authors, cite only the surname of the first author, followed by the phrase “et al.

In the event that two or more works by different authors are cited in the same reference, the surnames and respective publication years, separated by a semicolon, are written within the same set of parentheses. Edition if not the first. Editor, year of publication.

Author s of the article. Title of the article. Title of periodical underlined and followed by a colon. Date of publication, month and year full month name.

Numbering, beginning and ending number. Jurisdiction country, department or municipality, in all caps. Ministry or entity responsible in all caps. Designation and number of legal standard. Date of legal standard day, month, year. Name of the legal standard, if any. Title in that officially appears.

Style Request: NTC 5613

Por la cual se crea el sistema de seguridad social integral y se dictan otras disposiciones. Code standard if not part of the title. Documentation -Bibliographic References – Content, form and Structure. Available on the Internet: Association for Computing Machinery, A document that discusses in detail icontef original results of completed research projects.

In general, the structure of these papers consists of the following four major sections: A document that discusses the results of completed research from the iconfec analytical, interpretative, or critical perspective about a specific topic, providing references to original sources. A document that results from completed research work which reviews, systemizes, ntd compiles the results of either published or unpublished research works in a given field of science or technology aiming at communicating progress and development trends.

It is characterized by the discussion of a thorough review of at least 50 different bibliographic references. One file in MS Word in the simplest format possible no layout using preferably an point size font i.

Arial, Helvetica, or Times New Roman and single spacing. If the work involves graphic materials such as drawings, photographs, slides, tables, charts, maps, etc. These must be directly incorporated to the text with all the accompanying textual information numbering, quotations, figure captions, sources, etc. The length of each article must be from at least 20 to no more than 35 letter size pages, including illustrations, graphs, and charts. The second one must contain the tables in Word of Excel and the graphics or diagrams in Excel, 5631, Power Point, jpeg, or tiff in grey scale.

If it is sent via traditional mail, a laser-printed copy, accompanied by a CD, should be included, specifying the author’s name and the file name.