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If a conflict arises between the position indicated by the rotary encoders and that suggested by a limit switch trigger, then the limit switch takes priority. Image search is one of the main sources for users to get pictures. A signal from the limit switch indicating that an obstacle has been encountered may be used to halt the canopy motors and storage roller motor.

If the limit switches 12 are activated by the end units bumping into something, then the master controller 64 halts movement of the end units. This causes the hapcomaster controller 39 of the motion control PCB 34 to stop the stationary AC motor 35 from retracting the cover, and reverses the direction of the motor 35 for a short time in order to stretch the cover 3.

CNA – retractable awning – Google Patents

This may happen, for example, if an obstacle on the cables is encountered, or if the home position is reached sooner than expected. It is disclosed in GB that the clamping systems and also the storage roller on which halcomqster screen is stored can be motorised in order to enable automatic deployment.

The support pole 18 is typically embedded in the ground and is angled slightly away from the vertical in a direction substantially opposite to that in which tension is to be applied. Preferably a limit halcomasterr is associated with at least one of the end units for detecting when the end unit bumps into something.


The two rollers are drivable in opposite senses by the motor 9 via worm gear 8. Any differences will be described later. However, in this arrangement, the cables 4 are splayed apart halcomastr the direction of extension of the screen 3 by placing the support poles 18 at the front extension end of the awning further apart than the attachment points of the cables 4 at the rear retraction end of the awning.

It is disclosed in GB that the clamping systems and also the storage roller on which halxomaster screen is stored can be motorised in order to enable automatic deployment.

CN101675198A – retractable awning – Google Patents

These tensile wires are splayed apart so that they become further apart in the direction of extension of the screen. Not only does this make the screen less effective, but it can damage the screen. Both rollers comprise a toothed portion not shown which meshes with the worm gear 8. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. Halcomastet master end unit keeps sending halccomaster position to the slave such that the slave remains synchronised with the master.

Master local controller 64 also receives information regarding the velocity of the storage roller, and determines the drive velocity of the roller system in accordance with this so that the storage roller and end unit velocities remain synchronised, and so that the screen is maintained under appropriate tension during retraction. In one embodiment, one first motor is a master and other first motors are slaved to it. Under the high tensions involved in such canopies, there is a greatly increased chance of the fabric tearing at such weaknesses.

A control unit may control the storage roller motor and halcomastfr least one of the canopy motors e. This information is received by the slave local controller 54which is in position loop mode, and consequently operates its motor 9 S to move the slave end unit to the same distance along its cable as the master end unit. The cable 4 is wrapped around the roller 7 a in an anticlockwise sense as viewed in FIG. By monitoring the amount of load on the end supports, the amount of tension in the screen can be deduced.


It has a main control unit interface 37 to which awning controller 45 is connected.

Whilst in this mode halcomasted master PCB 60 monitors its position and calculates a position error, which is the error between its position galcomaster the position it should be at. The end unit’s position command is then maintained slightly under that value in order to keep the awning material taut. Although no tension sensor is shown in Halcomastdr.

Support bracket and covering apparatus with method for operating the covering apparatus. A retractable awning as claimed in claim 1further comprising a storage roller for storing the screen when it is not in use. When the screen has been deployed to the desired position, the clamping systems are clamped to the wires thereby maintaining the screen in the extended position under tension.

Furthermore, the clamping systems 22000 slip along wires e. Therefore data from the tension meter does not have to be fed through wires in the screen. In such cases, as the screen is rolled up, it is displaced gradually further and further along the storage roller in the axial direction.

A retractable awning as claimed in claim 1wherein each first motor and the second motor are 2020 to maintain tension in the screen during extension and retraction. Such an arrangement is easier to implement with this type of awning because the motors are all in fixed locations so power and data cables for connecting the control unit and the motors can be arranged either overhead or underground rather than being routed through the screen 3.