Limba Engleza. Gramatica si Vocabular. teste-grila pentru admiterea in invatamantul superior. 28,00 Lei. detalii · CAE Advanced Gold Plus Exam. Disciplina: Limba engleză. Clasa: a Xa . Bibliografie: • Farnoaga, Georgiana Galateanu; Parks, Deborah: EXERCITII SI TESTE DE. GRAMATICA ENGLEZA. Gălăţeanu, Georgiana, Sinteze de gramatică engleză, EDP, Bucureşti, ;. 5. Horia, et al, Competenţă şi performanţă: Exerciţii şi teste de limba engleză.

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The girl said that she would come here when she was free. They decided to reduce the price.

Camping dancing shopping jogging singing Smoking is bad for your health. Do you think I should have my hair cut short? They belong here, too.

A letter was sent to him. They fly to Constantza last night.

Exercitii si teste de gramatica engleza

Look, the children georgiaana sleeping! When he was a child he …. He said he could give me soda if I was thirsty. Albert has not learnt the poem yet. He might cough if he has caught cold. If only you had heard him! There was plenty of room.


166239031 Exercitii de Gramatica Engleza de Georgiana Galateanu

My friend come to see us next month. To see about a face aranjamente.

The exerciti wanted tesste know if he should take one or two photographs. Patricia design herself gaalateanu summer dress yesterday. Activ Pasiv He told her a lie. Jim often, try to jump over the wall.

You could wait for him in the study if you would. If I won the lottery, I would stop working. He reminded Sue to come on time. Magurean Ioana marked it as to-read Oct 02, When I to talk to her, she to tell me that she to be very tired because she to type all the morning. Mary, the phone is ringing. You might have lent him some money if you knew he was in need. Jane make all her clothes herself.

You are not permitted to smoke in my car.

The fire broke out near … Lake Hemet, south of … mountain resort of … Idyllwild, and burned to … southeast. Brendan came first and Collin second in the meters. Gramatia time usually, get up you…?


Do you want me to help you with that maths exercises? I bought a painting that reminded me of my childhood home.

Gramatica Si Vocabular Lb Engleza | Claudiu Baiasu –

Forgive my bothering you, do you happen to have a match? We eat ice-creams and listen to the brass band between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. The branch manager was sent to South-East Asia on a reconnaissance trip.

He said he had spent two months there. She lose them during the Physical Education lesson. The client put the phone down before I could give an englexa. Ed is made to rest.

May you live long and be happy! She likes to skate. She painted her nails bright red.