Early Autumn: A Story of a Lady [Louis Bromfield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Louis Bromfield. Editorial Reviews. Review. Truly lovely. Gillian Flynn –The New York Times Early Autumn – Kindle edition by Louis Bromfield. Download it once and read it on. A Bromfield Galaxy: The Green Bay Tree, Early Autumn, A Good Woman [Louis Bromfield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Bromfield focuses his story on a rich, Puritan New England family, the Pentlands. Nothing earth-shattering about the storyline. A fascinating study on the struggle of one woman to escape the stifling influence of her husband and in-laws.

The writing and the story flowed effortlessly for me and I felt that in Olivia the author created a character who felt very real and timeless. After Howard’s End, I think I should switch up my reading preferences for a while.

Early Autumn

Although the prestige of a family doesn’t follow the same suit in most homes now, pride is rampant although changed. Also, for some reason, many descriptions and ideas are repeated numerous times, which slows down the farly. Stuck because they believed and lived as if family and appearances count for a lot more than happiness. Among the main characters, the most important is Olivia Pentland, a tragic figure that at the same time inspires admiration, compassion, respect and melancholy, as she stands as the Last of the Mohicans, the sole representative of a family with a long tradition, which the protagonist rejects and embraces at once.

Early Autumn: A Story of a Lady by Louis Bromfield

But a rather forgettable winner. Mar 30, Elizabeth Alaska rated it really liked it Shelves: First, there were too many characters, lluis who I didn’t care about, at all. Several secrets are revealed by the end of the novel, which mark the Pentlands as hypocrites. Although I felt that the beginning of the book was a tad slow, it soon grabbed my interest completely and I couldn’t put it down.


I really liked this book.

Jacob picked this up from the library to read for himself, but I commandeered it for the weekend. It became a trap. I found this book on my quest for a classic written by an author who lived in Ohio. It won ahtumn Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in The landscape around Durham is without color, as are the Pentlands. The characters were what struck me first.

This book should have been 20 pages long. I’ve heard about Louis Bromfield–good things–and now my interest is piqued.

I really like Bromfield’s writing style and his insights into his characters are simply brilliant. At a time without television, one means of entertainment for society women was to spend their time going to the houses of their friends, to be zutumn and to learn the latest gossip. Jack has been a very sick child who would actually die — it feels like no spoiler alert is needed since loiis looming tragedy is mentioned from early on, the doctor had said it would happen and his mother knows that the son was kept alive only by her efforts and those of John Pentland…indeed, when the poor boy dies, she feels sorry that he had to live this miserable existence of pain, disease and restrictions.

He lives in Pentland Manor, a large and old-fashioned manor house, with his sister, Cassie. She certainly finds herself with a different impression of the people around her, even those people she was most certain in her judgments about.


Somewhere she had learned all this.

Oct 04, Bookslut rated it it was ok Shelves: It seemed like a nondescript melodrama, and nothing that history can’t easily leave behind. Jun 26, Maddy rated it did not like it Shelves: His prose drifts, ephemeral, insubstantial–just like the lives of the Pentlands.

Fairly predictable melodrama around gendered old money society and familial relations. Worthy of the Pulitzer?

Early Autumn : Louis Bromfield : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I liked this book for its subtle presentation of wisdom. Afterward, he visits Mrs. I think what set this apart for me was the exploration of gender roles in relation to Puritan society. Aunt Cassie comes out of her shell, and instead bromtield playing the victim anymore, she begins to actively get her fingers into every piece of family business she can ferret out.

The story recounts the lives of the Pentlands in post World War I Durham during late summer and early fall, mostly from the point of view of Olivia, the 40 year old wife of Anson Pentland.

Ma non posso fare altrimenti: This was not the case here. August 24, at 6: It tells the story of Olivia Pentland, a wife and mother living in Massachusetts. She hasn’t turned age forty and doesn’t seem to have time for herself.