Upper Cambourne, Phase 1: Development Briefing Document a spatial masterplan for Upper Cambourne that accords with the aims of the original masterplan. The original masterplan for Cambourne, approved in , set out a vision of 3 interlinked villages – each planned around village greens and connected by a. Upper Cambourne Design and Access Statement. 3: THE STRA. TEGIC MA. STERPLAN. The Strategic Masterplan. MASTERPLAN. In addition to the built .

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This suggested that a three-stage process could begin at the end ofwith a couple of larger retail units being built beside the Morrisons roundabout. Retrieved 12 April It also included land for employment, retail, community and sporting facilities, open space and highways on land in the parishes of Bourn and Caxton. The area is close to Bourn Airfield. The second factor is the relationship of the settlement to natural influences such as landform, hydrology, climate and vegetation.

This, in the case of both Poundbury and Cambourne may be summed up by quoting architect John Cooper, writing about his approach in a different context, where he rejected ‘ Masterplan Coordination Ensuring that the original masterplan evolves in a flexible yet functional manner requires close co-operation between all members of the design team and our clients, as well as attention to detail in cwmbourne.

We will get back to you as soon as possible in mastegplan new year.

Master Plan Report and Design Guide This is where the work of Bishop’s practice, BDOR Ltd, and the experiments carried out under the sponsorship of the Countryside Commission may be relevant. Imaginative and original design can extend and renew the distinctive character and traditions of Cottenham’s built environment.


Masterplan Revisions

From an early point in planning the new development of Cambourne, Christian church leaders expressed an interest in being involved in helping create the new community. Not to be mastrplan with Camborne. At the time of the census there were 8, residents, making it the largest settlement in South Cambridgeshire.

Retrieved 12 January Sue Clifford and Angela King, co-founders of Common Ground, have emphasised human action and interpretation as being crucial to distinctiveness, and Kevin Lynch wrote: The model for Cambourne is clearly stated as the ‘traditional’ English settlement, one which is ‘informal and relaxed in its nature’.

Upper Masterplam lies between the eastern valley and the Broadway, the road which leads south from the old A to the mastdrplan of Bourn. Cambourne Cambourne shown within Cambridgeshire. These have been planned to: In JuneCambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service district staff for Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire managers, administrators, fire protection officers and community safety officers moved into Cambourne Fire Station while the Parkside Fire Station in Cambridge is being redeveloped.

Welcome to the Cambourne West website

It is nonetheless crucial to the process of understanding and criticising proposals such as Cambourne. Since Randall Thorp have been the masterplan consultants for Cambourne The involvement of landscape consultants and ecologists in the design team from the outset ensured that the Green Infrastructure was appropriately planned and designed from inception, with cost-effective management aims and systems also considered from day one.

Whereas Poundbury is driven by Princely convictions about which we have heard plenty over the last camvourne, Cambourne is a true child of the Thatcherite approach to planning – it is developer- led and therefore needs fiscal certainty above all else. Can the same be said for Cambourne?


Cambourne was initially going to be named Monkfield after the name of the original farm, which is commemorated by a Monkfield Lane in Great Cambourne and the village pub, The Monkfield Arms.

We can all think of outstanding examples of this relationship – Cornish fishing villages set deep in their coves or Tuscan Hill towns high on the skyline – but this quality is also present in less obvious form in all small-scale settlements and is critical to their identity. The High Street in Cambourne has been developed further with a fish and chip shopDomino’s pizza shop, several estate agentsa Ladbrokes bookmaker, a Cambridge Building Society branch, a dry cleanera coffee shopa Chinese takeawayan Mastefplan restaurant and a Lloyds Pharmacy.

It will also contain:. Cambourne is one of our newest settlements located 9 miles masterplsn of Cambridge, just off the A Changes to bin collections this Christmas and New Year. This quickly became home to a wide variety of community camborune. However, he feels that the proposals masterplaan Cambourne ‘play many of the same tricks as the Prince of Wales ‘architects’ in their employment of historical architectural idioms. This new bypass opened in May and has moved much traffic from the single carriageway into Cambridge onto the new road.

New homes are presently being built at Upper Cambourne and further homes have been approved to the west of Lower Cambourne.