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Citizen Svarinskas, Alfonsas, son of Vaclovas, res. About fifteen parents also attended this meeting.


The students performed a play at the meeting. Those who participated in the play wore makeup and costumes depicting the characters. They thereby violated the May 12, Decree of the. This ruling was legally unfounded and unjust. It was like this: After evening services on February 20,parents and their children came to the rectory for pre-Lenten pancakes. I don’t know how many people were there for I did not count them. The numbers named in the report were invented from thin air!

The parishioners wanted to spend a little time with their pastor: Unfortunately, the whole atmosphere was brutally disrupted. Butkus and two witnesses Jonas Remeikis and Edvardas Lybikis who incidently was drunk! They drafted a report against the pastor, alleging that thirty children were present and recited verse. On what basis did the administrative commission make such an exhaustive review of the “offense”?

Did it avail itself of security police information? I think that even the court would search the decree for the necessary paragraph in vain. It is usual legal practice to determine the offense and then seek the appropriate paragraph of law.


Now an attempt is being made to apply an “offense” to the letter of the law. Couldn’t those who organized the raid on the rectory find more serious persons for this operation? Lybikis was expelled from the Party for drunkenness, as verified by the public.

One of those present in the rectory, Mrs. If they hoped to make a greater impression on the women through force, they were mistaken. The detained women saw the militia chief pass in the hallway, but he apparently knew nothing and paid no attention to them.

Once again the militia resorted to lies: Then why were they brought in if the chief was not in? And each was fined 35 rubles.

Again they missed the mark: These women never swear. This can be corroborated by the fifteen parents present in the rectory and people with whom the women work and live.

In its ruling, the administrative commission writes: If I am a citizen, why am I forbidden to invite guests to my home to take refreshments, sing, enjoy ourselves and play games? We only wished to spend time productively and enjoy ourselves. We did not speak against the government! Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states.

Bk komentaras download

They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act toward one another in a spirit of brotherhood. The above facts indicate that continual discrimination against Christians is assuming forms of terror. Lately, believers and their children have no peace either summer or winter.

Parents were not given any peace either. Finally, they made baudiamouo list of the children’s names and turned it over to the prosecutor. What crime against the state did the children commit by preparing for First Communion? Komejtaras personally was summoned twice — on November 25,and February 12, — to see that same Assistant Prosecutor Gargasas regarding the instruction of children. What crime did I commit by questioning the children on the catechism and explaining komenharas they didn’t understand?


The faithful often come to me, as a priest, to recount their experiences. Parents complain that their children are intimidated in school, some who refuse to stop attending church are threatened with lower grades in various subjects and some have already had this happen.

Parents are continually threatened and they therefore ask: Newspapers write abudiamojo the ‘freedom of belief. Deeply upset, believers ask: We continually hear and read in newspapers how our priests are slandered, and we feel that this hatred is also spilling over on us rank-and-file believers. Deeply concerned, believers ask: As a priest, I ask you, Mr.

Lietuvos Respublikos baudziamojo kodekso komentaras

This is the sixth time we appeal to you, Mr. The small sq. On principal holy days, the faithful overflow into the side streets. Furthermore, this incident between the Soviet authorities and believers casts a negative pall on the prestige of the Komentarax in this country and abroad. On March 30,J. We are guilty without any guilt. The Chronicles Issue No. After Her Release from the Gulag.