Bahaa Taher (Egypt) was born in Giza, Greater Cairo, in , to Upper Egyptian parents from the village of Karnak, Luxor. He holds postgraduate diplomas in. Bahaa Taher was born in Cairo, Egypt. He was active in the country’s left-wing literary circles of the s and in the mid s was prevented from publishing . Bahaa Taher was born , in Giza (Greater Cairo), to parents from the Karnak village in the Luxor governorate, Upper Egypt. He graduated from the literature.

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When I met him in Cairo in January, he was a heavy smoker. It was written as violent clashes between Muslims and Copts were erupting in Upper Egypt, and its vision of harmony angered parts of both communities.

Bahaa Taher

Born in Cairo inTaher spent summers in Karnak, his parents’ village near Luxor. He has two daughters from an earlier marriage, and two grandsons.

In Love in Exiletranslated ina divorced journalist and unrepentant Baha has an affair with a younger Austrian woman in an unnamed European city. Even though an affair allows the protagonist to temporarily forget his family troubles and a professional dispute, the occupation of Lebanon and the subsequent shock of the massacres at Sabra and Shatila have an impact on the intimate relationship.

Bahaa Taher: Of Hope and Remembrance

His illiterate mother spun mesmerising tales about families and vendettas in Luxor, “her paradise lost”. Yet to preclude interference, even the identity of tahre six judges, chaired by the London-based Iraqi author Samuel Shimon, was kept secret until the shortlist was announced in January. In Switzerland, he found time to write. The prize will change that.

PWF | Bahaa Taher: Of Hope and Remembrance

He was sacked in Al-Hob fi al-Manfa Love in Exile widely acclaimed novel, described by I’tidal Osman as “an expansive vision babaa encompasses world and homeland, north taaher south, self and other” The point of light Sunset Oasis His sixth novel is set in 19th century Egypt at the beginning of the British occupation of the country. Bahaa was active in the left-wing and avant-garde literary circles of the s and bxhaa one of the writers of the Gallery 68 movement.


The protagonist of the book is a nationalist Egyptian police tsher who suffers from an existential crisis. It’s a sad and tragic situation. For Seymour Hersh They think, if we can’t change the world with Marxism or nationalism, we can change it with religious ideas. His novel The Point of Light was an attempt to understand why such change had taken place. Taher, aged 73, spent 14 years in Geneva as a UN translator before returning to Cairo inand is fluent in English.

Tahr he latest Booker prizewinner is tucking into seafood risotto beside the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf, weighing up a sometimes turbulent career. He studied history and literature among other subjects at the University of Cairo. Taher’s Sunset Oasis, published in Cairo last November, was chosen out of novels from 18 countries.

The emancipated women of the s were not rewarded at all. Whilst the conflict of the main character between rebellion and obedience may be timeless, the multiple perspectives, which, amongst others, include the voice of Alexander the Great, are historically specific.

One of the most respected bagaa writers in the Arab world, he has written six novels three translated into Englishfour short-story collections, plays and non-fiction – though none has been published in Britain. Taher lives in Cairo. Taher came of age in the confusing aftermath, with its political purges, as part bhaa the left-leaning “generation of the 60s”, writing experimental fiction.

We kill our poets with silence and we kill them with forgetfulness.

Bahaa Taher – Wikipedia

Taher’s humane vision may chime with an implicit aim of the prize. One of the most widely-read novelists in the Arab world, he is a captivating story-teller, appreciated for the precision and bahaq of his writing. It’s when you don’t know the other that you’re afraid. Following the lives of three generations of Egyptians, the story is set against the background of a rapidly changing emotional and physical landscape.


Dar al-Hilal, Originally serialized in al-Musawwir in Yet he says now, “I was freed, not fired. If it is true that poets are the nation’s conscience, what is the fate of a nation that bwhaa its poets? While the state withdrew from social activities, they built clinics and distributed food. On a trip to Luxor last month, he was gratified to find it had been spared Muslim-Copt tensions, a benefit, he believes, of its constant stream of visitors.

As a student, Taher believed in the principles behind the Officers Revolution, which put an end to the year-long British occupation and the bahaz status of the year-old Mohammed Ali dynasty.

After many years of exile in Switzerland, he has returned recently to Egypt and is very active in all cultural circles. I believe what he did was a miracle, given the context, when people were dying of hunger in the countryside.

Women are also casualties in his fiction. His father was an Arabic school teacher who died when Taher, the youngest of eight, was That’s bhaaa they won 88 seats.

Set in the late 19th century, Sunset Oasis begins with a caravan journey from Cairo to Siwa, an oasis town on Egypt’s Libyan border, peopled by fiercely independent Berbers. Taher returned to Egypt in and is now considered one of the most important novelists in the country.