His most important work is the “Corónica moralizada de la orden de N.S.P.S. Agustín en el Peru “, the first volume of which appeared in and the second in. Antonio de la Calancha (–) was a pioneering anthropologist studying the South American natives and a senior Augustinian monk. Bolivia y Perú; nuevas notas históricas y bibliográficas by Gabriel René Moreno( Book); Mariano Alejo Alvarez y el silogismo altoperuano de Fray Antonio.

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Inca Shamanic Glossary – Appendix M: The Chroniclers

This work contains a lot of data on religion, customs, mores the Indians of Peru and Bolivia, about geography, theology, and is one of the most important works concerning the origin of the Indians and antlnio history. He writes that indigenous governments treated their subjects far better than the Spaniards and pleads with King Phillip to instate Indians to positions of authority.

Consists that he wrote a report to the viceroy of Peru, about Beavers that they hunt at Callao to Chile, stating that they are the true ones, and income that you can learn from them to his Majesty.

CoolPreview will give a magnifying glass icon at every link when you put your cursor on the link. Separately paginated and signed. At re age of 14 he joined the Augustinians and later, at the University of San Marcos in Lima, he earned the doctorate in theology.

Retrieved from ” https: Diego was a Spanish Jesuit priest and researcher of the Quechua language during the times of the Viceroyalty of Peru. He also mentions an attack of snow blindness and the way in which an Indian woman cured him.

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Fray Antonio de la Calancha

On the one hand, there is his original position before the legality of the conquest and, on the other hand, his Marianism that endows the work of a marker evangelizing character. Calancha style is pompous and recharged. Calancea ascertained the similarity of Indians and Mongoloid Tatarsbut the migration of Asians he deduced through the lens of biblical information, such extravagant and naive as well as Montesinos.


Both have become very rare. The California Network Inspiring streaming service. Blas Valera amtonio that the people of Tawantinsuyu were the true owners of Peru.

Third, the author frequently uses Quechua words and phrases in this primarily Spanish work, which provided material for scholars to learn more about Quechua.

Coronica calanchq del orden de San Augustin en el Peru: The dogged mining of information by modern archaeologists has brought, and will continue to bring, to light valuable nuggets antoniio expand and deepen our own understanding. Baroque formula of the struggle between good and evil, darkness and Sin and dreamlike worlds invaded by supernatural and divine, appearances in which he believed the author is frequently found in its pages.

It’s a little awkward to ask, but we need your help. Apart from his predilection for astrology and its magical Musings, theological, Calancha was not exempt from the temptation to amtonio. He then joined the College of his called order of San Ildefonso, in Lima, and he graduated in theology at the University of San Marcos, also in the capital Lima. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia.

Learning to Love, Pray and Live in the Among the offices that he occupied in his order were those of rector of the Colegio San Ildefonso in Lima and prior of the monasteries in Arequipa, Trujillo, and Lima. We begin this biographical sketch with the discovery of an old manuscript in an Italian private library that contains startling revelations about Valera, Guaman Poma and the calanccha.

Coronica [sic] moralizada de la provincia del Peru del wntonio de San Agustin Second, the manuscript expresses the view of a provincial noble on the conquest, whereas most other existing expressions of indigenous views from the colonial era come from the nobility of Cusco.

Catholic Online School Free Catholic education for all. Father Joan Antonio Cumis begins drafting the document [an old manuscript recently discovered in a private library], writing a few pages in Latin.

Both his parents were of Spanish descent. Those who observed and studied the antono of the Tawantinsuyu did us, modern students of this marvellous shamanic cosmovision, a great service because they were excellent record-keepers and wrote everything down. He also elaborated dde long and highly critical survey of colonial society, unique among other manuscripts of the era. Calancha justifies the value of the criollos as much by their actions as by their fruits crops, constructions, adopted norms.


Antonio de la Calancha

Catholic Online on Instagram Shared Catholic moments. Garcilaso de la Vega.

The callancha quipu article and the two bios tell us about an historical soap opera of plagiarism, lies exposed and the possible tipping of a couple of sacred cows. His book remains the longest sustained critique of Spanish colonial rule produced by an indigenous subject in the entire colonial period.

He also provides detailed information about the customs of the natives throughout the viceroyalty.

Corónica Moralizada del Orden de San Agustín en el Perú, Fray Antonio de la Calancha

Another of his writings, Historia de la Universidad de San Marcos hasta el 15 de julio dewas edited by L. Retrieved 24 October The Collapse of Time: Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala. Augustine with the history of the kingdoms of Peru. But is it the truth, and will it set the record straight? Calancea ascertained the similarity of Indians and Mongoloid Tatarsbut the calqncha of Asians he deduced through the lens of biblical information, such extravagant and naive as well as Montesinos. Use the Firefox browser with the CoolPreview add on.

Although not all scholars agree, many consider Garcilaso’s accounts the most complete and accurate available. He knew the Quechua, but the etymology of many znd of this language is quite doubtful.

During the earthquake that made great ravages in Truxillo, 14 February,he was at the head of the convent of that city and afterwards became prior at Lima.